About the city

Welcome to the city of Skopje and welcome to GoSkopje.com, the best guide through the capital city of Macedonia, the Europe's last great undiscovered country.
Skopje is the most visited tourist destination in Macedonia, giving home to around 700 000 people.
This multi-culture city with variety of tourist attractions will welcome you with warm and open heart. Stretched out along the river Vardar, Skopje is a long and narrow city that is easily accessible and a great place to hang out. The city is friendly, hassle-free and there is always something worth doing.
Best time for you to be visiting Skopje are the spring and autumn months. Winter can be really cold, while summer extremely hot and dry.
Discover Skopje

Skopje basics

- Capital city of Republic of Macedonia
- Official language: Macedonian language
- Official religion: Christian Orthodox
- Patron: Virgin Mary
- Area: 225 km2
- Population: around 700 000
- Time Zone: Central European time (GMT + 1)
- Coordinates: 42°0′N, 21°26′E Time Zone
- Average Temperature: 14ºC/56ºF
- Elevation: 240 m (790 ft)
- Postal code: 1000
- Area code: +389 02
- Official currency: Macedonian Denar (MKD)
- License plates: SK
- Wi-Fi Access: available across the entire country
- Smoking: banned in all institutions and closed areas
- Municipalities: Centar, Aerodrom, Kisela Voda, Karpos, Gjorche Petrov, Saraj, Chair, Butel, Shuto Orizari, Gazi Baba

Important phone numbers

- Police: 192
- Fire department: 193
- Ambulance: 194
- Regional crisis management center: 195
- Customs: 197
- AMSM - on road assistance: 196
- AMSM - info center: 9801
- On road assistence (non-stop): 9159
- SOS - Information on trafficking prevention: 0800 11 111; 3173 424
- International operator: 182
- Clinical hospital: 3147 147
- City general hospital: 3235 000
- Veterinary hospital: 3120 129; 3115 756

Skopje - the birth place of Mother Teresa, is waiting for you to explore!
See the biggest monument on the Balkan Peninsula...experience the unreal boat-trip on Canyon Matka with the deepest european caves - Vrelo...hike on the mountain Vodno and reach the Millenium cross...stroll around the largest bazaar on the Balcans - Old town bazaar...take picture of the city from the grand Kale fortress...try how delicious macedonian cuisine it is...loose yourself in the vivid and rich nightlife and enjoy the multidimensional character of the city.

Don't wait for no more, let's go Skopje!