Arriving by plane

Skopje's only international airport is located 21 km east of the city center. You can easily reach the airport by car and the travel time is around 25 minutes.
It is also possible to reach the city center by taking the bus of Vardar Ekspres. The bus lines are adapted according to the flights and the buses stop at several stations in Skopje city center. The bus ride takes about 40 minutes. Tickets are available at the Vardar Ekspres counter inside the terminal and from the bus driver. One-way ticket price: 175 MKD.
If you gonna take a taxi, Airport Taxi is the only one taxi company that has been authorized by the airport to transport passengers to and from Skopje Airport. Their taxis are regulated by a price list which is exhibited at the exit of the airport and in each taxi vehicle separately. Usually the ride to the city center costs around 1200 MKD (20EUR). Transportation services are available from the airport to Skopje, across the country and neighboring Balkan countries. If you gonna rent a car, there are eleven car rental companies at the airport. 

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Arriving by train

The train station is adjacent to the bus station, 2 km southeast of the city center. Trains connect Skopje to Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Athens and to Ljubljana. The express route Vienna-Thessaloniki passes through Skopje twice daily, once going to Thessaloniki and second time returning to Vienna, passing though Belgrade and Ljubljana.

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Arriving by bus

The International Bus Station in Skopje was built according to the high European standards and responds completely to the needs of the entire country. The bus station is located at the transport center that is adjacent to the train station, 2 km southeast, 15 min walking from the downtown. Left luggage facilities are available.
Buses connect Skopje to the rest of the Macedonian countryside as well as many cities in Europe. A bus to the other destinations in Macedonia is at every 1-2 hours, while international can be once or twice daily.

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Arriving by car

A intersection of two international corridors E-65 and E-75 is in Skopje. The western exit connects it with Tetovo (41 km), eastern exit of Skopje connects it with Kumanovo (39 km) and Veles (50 km), while the northern exit connect Skopje with Pristina (78 km).

Nearby larger regional cities include: Sophia (224km), Thessaloniki
(230km), Belgrade (434km) and Tirana (321km).