Skopje autumn guide

The weather may be cooling down, but Skopje's cultural scene is just heating up! This guide will help you find the best things to during the autumn season, including the hottest festivals, street fairs, and seasonal events happening at some of the best Skopje locations.

Autumn in Skopje indulges you with beautiful colors, warm sounds, traditions and fuzzy feelings. It’s the season when the city offers lots of events and the residents make the most of the outdoors before the winter arrives.
Skopje is not one of those cities where you’ll be freezing in autumn, but you certainly can expect weather to change quickly, so while visiting Skopje at this period of year, make sure you have something warm with yourself. And if the wind and rain show up, don’t be disappointed. After all, there is no weather better to sit inside and looking out than a colorful autumn weather, as you enjoy the warmth and comfort of a good cafe, restaurant or pub
Autumn is also the time when families and neighbors join together for making ajvar and pinjur, national favorite relishes from the macedonian cuisine during autumn/winter season. Ajvar is a blend of roasted red peppers and garlic that is traditionally made once per year, while pinjur is made in the same way as ajvar, substituting eggplants for the peppers. In September people buy many peppers and stir them continuously for hours in a huge pan in their yards, each family member taking a shift. Usually friends and neighbors are joining and the process of making ajvar becomes one big socially event to celebrate the autumn. It's simple: no ajvar - no autumn because if something is recognizable for autumn in Macedonia, that's the smell and taste of freshly made ajvar.

Between September and November, numerous annual festivals and events are happening in Skopje, offering the city an opportunity to commemorate and celebrate. Highlight for September will be the annual Skopje Beerfest - Pivolend, the Blues & Soul Festival and Skopje Wine Festival - VinoSkop. In October main events will be probably the city best festival - Skopje Jazz Fest with this year star guest Joss Stone and the two football matches of the national team of Macedonia against Israel and Italy, while in November central place will have the concerts of Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Jean-Michel Jarre and Morcheeba (Skye & Ross).
Also on 1 October is the 12 edition of the city popular free all-night event Bela Nok (White Night), evening when the city comes to live all night long with numerous art and music performances through the city with free entrance on all of them.

For the sport lovers, late September marks the beginning of the Handball Champions League where three local teams from Skopje are entering the competition with big ambitions - the men teams of Vardar and Metalurg, and the women team of Vardar. Also the national basketball champion MZT Skopje Aerodrom will begging their journey in the strong EuroCup competition and in the popular regional ABA League, where this year for the first time there will be two teams from Skopje that will take part in the league - besides MZT Skopje the second basketball club from Skopje will be Karposh Sokoli.

For savvy travelers and those who can choose their own season, autumn is often the best time of year, and Skopje definitely can be one surprising undiscovered destination for any one of them. It's the time of the colors, time for celebrating wine and music, time for unforgettable tasty dishes, and Skopje is waiting to be discovered.