Skopje Restaurants Guide

Skopje boasts a wide range of restaurants to suit most tastes and budgets. You can look forward to a wealth of various gourmet experiences: from modern and fleeting interpretations of traditional cuisine to creative international cuisine.
Most Macedonians dine at around 20:00h - 21:00h, so to guarantee a table at the restaurant of your choice, arrive early or book in advance.
If you're wondering what you should order at a Macedonian national restaurant, take a look at our food section, and to decide where to eat, take a look at the recommendations below.

Where to look for restaurants

Probably the biggest cluster of restaurants and kafanas is located in Debar Maalo neighborhood. Most of them are offering traditional Macedonian cuisine, but there are also many options of different world cuisines.

One of the trendiest spots in town is the heart of the city center - Macedonia Square, Macedonia Street and the banks of river Vardar. It offers all kinds of foods, including by some of the city's top chefs. Open throughout the day, they're perfect for meals or drinks in the sun, or for a relaxing evening.

Skopje’s famous Old Bazaar is becoming quite a hot spot for culinary geeks and the great thing is that many of the places are relaxed, simplistic and relatively affordable.

The district around the T.C. Beverly Hills Shopping Mall is filled with different types of restaurants. Most are open from breakfast to midnight, and offer different types of cuisines.

There are many restaurants around the city. Look bellow to our top 10 and trendy restaurants list.

Top 10 Restaurants

Restaurants that stand out for the quality of the food and service, and/or atmosphere:

1. Pelister

Address: Macedonia Square
Phone: +389 02 3230603
In the heart of the city center, pleasant place to stay and eat.

2. Vodenica Mulino

Address: Teodosij Gologanov No.69
Phone: +389 02 3232877
Excellent place for families and friends, with a wonderful garden and rustic, but soignée interiors.

3. Hunter's Lodge Kamnik

Address: Kamnik b.b
Phone: +389 02 2523522
A delightful restaurant at the outskirts of Skopje with excellent wine selection.

4. Dukat

Address: Teodosij Gologanov No. 79
Phone: 072 / 306198
One of the most attractive dining experiences, from food to ambience.

5. Old City House

Address: Phillip II of Macedon No.14
Phone: +389 02 3131376
Traditional food, music and atmosphere in the city's oldest house.

6. La Tana

Address: Prolet Street No.13
Phone: 077 / 592211
A crowd-pleasing local tavern with high quality food and ambient.

7. Ragusa

Address: 12 Udarna Brigada 2a
Phone: +389 02 3212919
Typical local type restaurant in the city center with charming interior and fresh food.

8. Dva Elena

Address: Zagrebska Street No.31
Phone: +389 02 3060900 
Ideal place for enjoyment far away from the city noise, especially in the hot summer afternoons.

9. Furna

Address: Mitropolit Teodosij Gologanov b.b
Phone: 078 / 255849
Fresh food, local ingredients and friendly staff.

10. Kancona

Address: Mile Pop Jordanov No.9
Phone: +389 02 3082748
Friendly personnel, quiet surrounding and affordable prices.

10 Trendy Restaurants

Local favorites right now:

1. Amigos

Address: Macedonia Street
Phone: +389 02 3228699
Traditional Mexican food with a twist for contemporary times.

2. Skopski Merak 

Address: Debarca Street No.51
Phone: +389 2 3212 215
One of the hottest tables in town, offering amazing food experience in friendly atmosphere.

3. De Ja Vu

Address: Blvd Jane Sandanski No.71 (Capitol Mall)
Phone: 076 / 304009 
A trendy-sophisticated space and refined cuisine.

4. Veneto

Address: Ljubljanska 4 (City Mall)
Phone: 075 / 377755
Lovely decor, nice view and excellent cuisine.

5. Rori (Royal Rusticana)

Address: Dimitrija Cupovski No.5
Phone: 075 / 478134
Rock 'n' roll kafana with live music and great barbeque.

6. Tavern Marger

Address: Ilindenska b.b
Phone:+389 2 3067 428
Hidden in the heart of the City Park, this place with a wonderful terrace offers  great mix of traditional and modern dishes.

7. Fish

Address: Skupi Street No.10
Phone: 070 / 779977
Cozy atmosphere, friendly stuff and best fish in town.

8. Dojrana

Address: "513" Street No. 22b
Phone: +389 02 3175037
A classic combining traditional and contemporary Macedonian cuisine.

9. Sushi Co

Address: Aminta Treti Street No.29
Phone: 072 / 303303
The best sushi in Skopje.

10. Dish

Address: Vasil Gjorgov (Zebra Mall)
Phone: +389 02 3213982
Variety of food will meet everyone's taste.