16-25 June

The International Festival of street artists and musicians, Buskerfest is an open-air festival which is free of charge for all who wish to visit it. There is no admission fee or tickets, the only cost is an appreciative contribution to the performer’s hat at the end of the show.

This is a family event but also a festival suitable for the young public as well. By featuring some of the best street performers from all around the world and at the same time local street performers from the Balkan region, the festival offers loads of street fun where the spectators will be as active as the performers.
It is a festival with a unique concept and a new different offer to the public: ten full days of extraordinary experience and total freedom in a brand new way, on open-air location that turns Skopje over night into a fun town named Busker Fest. Busker greets the public not only with street artists and live music, but also with many other different ways to entertain the public: theater plays, pantomime moments, strolling players, creative activities, art exhibitions, bazaars, workshops!
Gathered are some of the world’s hottest street artists ready to entertain and delight us with complimentary performances. Here everyone will enjoy the mix of numerous magicians, acrobats, musicians and extraordinary talents, guaranteeing unforgettable entertainment.

Busker Fest is a great event for the entire family, connecting people of all ages, so no matter what you do, don’t miss the most spectacular festival of the summer.