Getting around

By bus

Skopje has an efficient bus network with a whole fleet of new looking red London double decker style buses. Skopje buses are convenient and cheap way to travel around the city, with plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way.
With the beginning of 2017 for going around the city with public buses you will need to purchase SKOPSKA - a single city card and a no-contact smart card that allows quick and convenient cash-free payment for rides on Skopje city buses. Along with this card, a modern electronic payment system has been introduced and now is also possible to pay with your mobile phone in the city buses. SKOPSKA card can be purchased in 60 small outlets in the city.
Transport on regular lines takes place according to the published schedules, which may change with respect to any major events and vacations or holidays. Bus maps can be found on almost all bus station.

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By taxi

There are lot of taxi companies in Skopje. They have official yellow TAXI signs on top and cars are white with yellow trunks.
Taking a taxi in Skopje should normally not cost more than 300 MKD (or 5 EUR). The taxi meter starts counting from 40 MKD once you enter.
We recommend not to enter a taxi if the taxi meter is not visible, if the taxi driver tells you a fixed price for your trip (except to/from airport) or if the driver does not turn the taxi meter.
For Android, there is an available application called 'Vikni Taksi' that contains all numbers of trustful taxi companies.

By bicycle

In the recent years, a big effort was made to encourage people to use a bike as a mean of transport. The city-project "Rent a Bike" is in function from beginning of spring till late October every year and offers bikes for rent at four locations:
At parking lot Treska
At parking lot City Hospital "Mother Teresa"
At parking lot City Hospital "8th of September"
At parking lot behind Business Center Biser- Municipality of Aerodrom
Price for renting costs 10 MKD per hour.


Skopje has parking zones and they are organized in 4 zones according to the location, the distance from the city center and the duration zone. Zone 1 is most expensive, where hour is 45 MKD, while the last zone charges 25 MKD for one hour parking. A lot of new parking lots were build in past couple of years through the town that should solve the city parking problem.

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